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Due to the National Holiday ‘Golden Week’ our offices and factories will be officially closed during the following times - Monday April 29th 2019 to Monday May 6th 2019
We will endeavor to answer your enquires and questions as soon as possible on our return on the 7th May 2019.
We thank you in advance for your understanding.
In cooperation with Metal technology Co. Ltd. (MTC) Shimoda Iron works Co. Ltd. has successfully obtained NORSOK certification.
The certification covers flanges with a maximal thickness of 184.2mm which are produced using Near-Net-Shape techniques (HIP-NNS method). We are the first manufacturer in Japan that has been successful in acquiring this NOROK qualification for this product.
Metal Technology Co. Ltd.’s Toki factory has acquired Nadcap certification as well as Boeing Aircraft Company (BAC) certification for heat treatment.
Not only limited to heat treatment of regular aviation parts, the Toki factory manufactures aircraft’s main body components using Super Plastic Forming (SPF) equipment.
MTC’s Superplastic forming technology and hot forming technology is the one and only such equipment in Japan. MTC continues to strive to optimize and improve our capabilities.
"End of year official hours"
Please note that all company offices will be closed December 29th.

We will reopen Monday, January 7th. We wish you all the warmest of holiday cheer!

"Exhibiting at Valve world 2018"
Metal technology Co. Ltd. (MTC) will be present at the Valve World event, the world’s leading trade fair for industrial valves. MTC will support the booth’s main exhibitor Okano Valve Mfg. Co. Ltd. and their Co-exhibitors: Shimoda Iron Works, Co. Ltd., Inoue Corporation, Tokaibane Mfg. Co. Ltd., and Nippon Gear, Co. Ltd.

Come and say hello to our team at Hall 4, G38. To register now or to learn more click the banner below:

Exhibiting at Valve world 2018

"The 35th Plasma/Nuclear Fusion Association Annual Meeting"
Metal Technology Co. Ltd. will be exhibiting at the 35th Plasma/Nuclear Fusion Association’s Annual Corporate Exhibition in Osaka. The exhibition will be held at Osaka University’s Suita Campus. The exhibition will run from Monday, 3rd December 2018 to Thursday 6th December.

MTC will be exhibiting several related processes and introducing HIP diffusion bonded products. MTC will also be providing an overview of our recent Additive Manufacturing capabilities and how this new technology can support the demands of the Plasma and Nuclear Fusion fields.

We hope you will be able to drop by and say hello.

The Engineering Division
Metal Technology Co. Ltd.
Metal Technology Co. Ltd. will be attending the Euro PM annual powder metallurgy congress and exhibition of Europe, organised by the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA). Lasting for over three days, including technical presentations and also special interest seminars we are looking forward to meeting our old friends and making new friends. Hope to see you there!

Exhibiting at TCT UK
Metal technology Co. Ltd.'s Technical Centre engineers will be present at the TCT Show, the world-leading design-to-manufacturing event. The TCT Show will take place in Hall 3 of the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham, UK, from 25-27 September 2018. Come and say hello to our AM team at Stand S49.

Metal Technology Co. Ltd.’s sales staff will be attending Gastech in Barcelona this year. Gastech is the leading exhibition and conference for the global gas, LNG and energy industries. This world renowned event is regarded as the most significant meeting place for upstream, midstream and downstream gas and LNG professionals, and a perfect opportunity for Metal Technology Co. Ltd. customers and potential customers to speak with us. Please don’t hesitate to request a meet up.

Metal Technology Co. Ltd. (MTC) is proud to announce an addition AM printer to our Technical Centre in Kanagawa. The new unit, which officially started operating on August 1st is a laser based unit made by 3D Systems. This unit has a work zone of around 1.4 times bigger compared to MTC’s existing laser additive manufacturing units. A maximum modeling area of 273mm × 273mm × 390mm when using a 30mm thick build plate. This will enable MTC to manufacture large products or produce multiple parts at the same time leading to cost reductions and enhanced savings for the environment as well as further flexibility in design too.

Metal Technology Co. Ltd.’s designed and manufactured 8th Mercury Target Container unit, which was delivered to J-PARC (High Intensity Proton Accelerator Facility) in September 2017, has achieved high levels of operation. J–PARC, which is run by the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), started the proton beam of around 300 kW after installing the Mercury Target Container (Unit 8) in early September 2017. After gradually raising the output, the unit successfully operated at 500 kW from on April 19, 2018 to June 30th, 2018. On July 3rd, 2018, we achieved our desired goal of operating continuously at 1 MW. This is a fantastic achievement that MTC is very proud to have achieved. We can confidently state that the Mercury Target Container (Unit 8) has displayed a high performance and our thanks go to all of those connected to the project.

The Engineering Division

Summer holiday: From 11th August to 15th August 2018.
Metal Technology Company will be closed during the upcoming holiday period.
All inquiries during this vacation period will be addressed on our return on the 16th August 2018.
Metal Technology Co. Ltd. employee received the “Award for Excellence” at the 12th Nuclear Fusion Energy Alliance Workshop on June 29, 2018.
Due to the recent developments in desirable energy for the future this was a wide-ranging academic workshop which aimed at mutual understanding in several related fields. Progress in research utilizing nuclear fusion energy, in fields such as core plasma and nuclear fusion engineering, are developing to support its use in future energy applications. Hironobu Kudo from our fusion group presented "Consideration of a blanket with box type ribs for production of a prototype reactor and concept for manufacturing", gaining high praise and the award at the workshop.

-Presentation details-
In the nuclear fusion prototype reactor, a blanket having the function of self-production of fuel, extraction of heat for power generation, and shielding is needed. The blanket requires high robustness (toughness) to allow high temperature/ high pressured cooling water to flow through under tough environmental conditions inside the reactor. Currently, a joint special team for designing a prototype reactor is developing a blanket installing ribs inside a box type casing to meet such demands. However, it has been an issue that this blanket structure was too complicated to manufacture by using general welding methods. Therefore, Hironobu proposed a method using diffusion bonding with Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) and proved that it can be manufactured with high accuracy of internal structure by making a partial mockup.

Metal Technology Co. Ltd. Employee wins Award for Excellence

Engineering Division
The 15th Annual Meeting of the Japan Accelerator Association.
Metal Technology Co. Ltd. will be at the 15th Annual Meeting of the Japan Accelerator Society exhibiting the most recent developments of our accelerator related products and designs.
The meeting will be held at the Nagaoka Industrial Exchange Hall in Niigata Prefecture for 3 days from 7th August to 10th August 2018.
Please come along and join us!
Booth number: No.32

The 15th Annual Meeting of the Japan Accelerator Association.

The Engineering Division
Metal Technology Co. Ltd.’s Himeji Plant has been recognized as a Pratt & Whitney Source Qualification PWA 11/PWA 36950/PWA 36951 on 3rd April 2018. It is the first acquisition for an MTC factory in Japan. With this acquisition MTC is continuing its advancement in meeting the required specifications by aviation-related manufacturers, expanding our processing services, and improving our quality across all plants.
At Technology NEXT 2018 - Nikkei BP presents, “Design automation by Machine learning and 3D printers - Optimal solution from 6000 Design plans and 1000 Models without human intervention – “Metal Technology Co. Ltd. (MTC) will be delivering a lecture about MTC’s initiatives for additive manufacturing and topology optimization.

Schedule: 14th June 2018 (Thu) 13: 00 - 13: 50
Title: Topology optimization bringing out advantages of metal 3D printers
Contents: 3D printers are able to produce parts that had previously been impossible to produce via conventional processing methods. Utilizing this advantage, MTC introduces parts that are superior at saving weight.

Official hours during “Golden week holiday in Japan”
Please note that all company offices will be closed from April 28th to May 6th (Except for May 1st and 2nd).
We will reopen Monday, May 7th.
For your inquiries during the holiday, we will contact you soon after we are back.
Thank you.
The Berlin Air Show 2018
 We are pleased to announce that Metal Technology Co. Ltd. will be exhibiting at the ILA Berlin Airshow 2018. ILA Berlin 2018 is the place to be for the aerospace industry leaders and is the most innovative trade event in aerospace. MTC’s sales team will be exhibiting alongside other Japanese companies at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Booth. Please come along and say hi!

Metal Technology Co. Ltd.
Sales Division

"End of year official hours"
Please note that all company offices will be closed December 29. We will reopen Monday, January 8th. We wish you all the warmest of holiday cheer!

End of year official hours

"The reopening of our website in Chinese"
“Metal Technology Co. Ltd. is pleased to announce the reopening of our website in Chinese, supporting our global presence.”

The reopening of our website in Chinese

"The N.8 mercury target container was delivered to J-PARC and is in operation".
The Mercury Target Container Unit 8 was delivered to J - PARC (High Intensity Proton Accelerator Facility) on the 22nd of September 2017. Metal Technology Co. Ltd.’s engineering division was responsible for designing and manufacturing the Mercury Target for the 7th time. Under the guidance of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), we thoroughly reviewed the contents of the design and production of Unit 7,the previous product, and applied several improvements to this new Unit. As a result, we were able to complete it after a 2 year design and production period. Currently it is being used for driving proton beam irradiation at J-PARC at about 300KW for most of the day at user operation status.

The Engineering Division
New downloadable material available - AM overview
MTC is happy to announce new downloadable material providing an overview of the Additive Manufacturing capabilities of MTC at our Kanagawa factory. We look forward to any comments or questions you may have.

MTC Sales division

New downloadable material available - AM overview

Booth number for our display on "Plasma Conference"
As we announced an coming "Plasma Conference", now we will announce the booth number for our display.
Venue      : The Himeji Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Booth Number  :  P-16
Duration     : 2017/11/21(Tue)-2017/11/24(Fri)

Booth number for our display on

We are looking forward to seeing you there.
The Engineering Division
Our display on "Plasma Conference".
Venue  : The Himeji Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Duration : 2017/11/21(Tue)-2017/11/24(Fri)

Our display on

We are looking forward to seeing you there.
The Engineering Division
Our display on "The 18th International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials".
Venue  : Linkstation Hall Aomori
Duration : 2017/11/06(Mon)-2017/11/09(Thu)
Booth   : C3

Our display on

We are looking forward to seeing you there.
The Engineering Division
Interesting Interview with our president Mr. Hasegawa
In a rare interview our president Mr. Kazuhiko Hasegawa was recently invited to discuss how the company has grown and it's future for ULVAC, Inc.'s “Executive Guest” section.
Click here
Toki Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony for our new Toki plant was held on Friday, 29th September, 2017 after construction was completed at the Aqua Silva site, Toki city. MTC has always wanted to have a strategically placed plant in the Chubu district where important Japanese aircraft related industries are based. Thanks to fantastic support from the local government at both the Gifu prefecture and Toki city levels we have established Metal Technology Co. Ltd.’s Toki plant. This new plant, we will perform heat treatment of aircraft parts, as we have been doing in other plants, and newly manufactured body parts of aircrafts using our super plastic forming technology and hot forming technology. MTC is the only company to have this expertise as a built to order company in Japan. The new plant was constructed utilizing an automated and power saving design for the construction of these hot formed parts. We will strive to develop our new plant in harmony with the local area using of our superior knowledge and experience of metals, providing a high quality service and caring about safety and the environment.

Toki plant
Name: Metal Technology Co. Ltd. Toki plant
Address: TOKI AQUA SILVA 1431 - 56 Kujiri Aza Kitayama Izumi-cho Toki-shi Gifu-Ken, Japan
Area: Site: About 35,000㎡, Buildings: 3 floors, Total floor area: 7,152㎡
Main field: Heat treatment and forming of airplane related parts
Feature: Super plastic forming (SPF) of airplane parts

Toki Opening Ceremony Toki Opening Ceremony

Toki plant                    The tape cutting at opening ceremony
MTC participates in research about the feasibility of a new supercritical geothermal power generation technology
MTC will participate in a feasibility study for "a supercritical geothermal power generation" that is expected to be one of the new renewable energy sources, with great potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Initiated by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO); we at MTC will help evaluate the materials and equipment necessary for realizing supercritical geothermal power generation systems. In particular the casing pipes that are part of the equipment for the excavating work. We look forward to using our expertise and knowledge with HIP and Hot Press metal processing to contribute to the realization of supercritical geothermal power generation.

Click here for details.
‘Monozukuri’ Subvention aides MTC in driving forward the next generation metallurgical material development.

In cooperation with the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), MTC is conducting powder processing in an ultra-highly pure atmosphere, aiming to produce parts for nuclear fusion or accelerators with high additional value. In order to accomplish this, MTC has created a new type of ultra-high purity glovebox that combines a vacuum chamber and an electric furnace. This project is driving forward the development of the processing of high purity metal powder.

MTC plans to purchase a new facility that allows the processing of high purity metal powder in order to develop next generation metallurgical material. For that purpose MTC applied for the “Revised Financial Year 2017 Subvention for innovative development in manufacturing, commerce, and service” ①and was chosen by the Ibaraki Prefecture Small and Medium Enterprise Association②

①(Heisei28nendo Hosei Kakushinteki Monodukuri, Shougyou, Sa-bisu Kaihatsu Shien Hojokin)

②(Ibarakiken Chuushoukigyou Dantai Chuuoukai)

Information regarding MTC’s summer vacation period.

Summer holiday: From 11th August to 15th August 2017 Metal Technology Company will be closed during the upcoming holiday period. All inquiries during this vacation period will be addressed on our return on the 16th August 2017.

Thank you.

The 14th Japan Accelerator Association Annual Meeting
MTC will have an exhibit booth at "The 14th Japan Accelerator Association Annual Meeting" to be held here in Japan at Hokkaido University Academic Exchange Center. The exhibition will be held over three days from the 1st August to the 3rd August 2017. Come along and find out more about MTC’s recent accelerator related products which our engineering business headquarters are focusing on.

Click here for details.
MTC's research accelerator goes operational.
MTC’s company-owned 1MeV(950KeV)Microtron type electron beam accelerator has gone operational. The electron beam accelerator was manufactured, assembled, installed and fine-tuned with technical cooperation between Photon Production Laboratory, Ltd. and MTC’s Engineering Division since 2016.
The accelerator was installed at our Shiga Plant (Shiga prefecture) and will be the base for various studies conducted by our Technical Division, regarding the acquisition of beam handling techniques or performance improvement.
MTC makes the latest version of SCRIT.
Metal Technology Company designed and manufactured the latest version of the SCRIT electrodes, which form the core part of the “study of the internal structure of short-lived unstable (radioactive) nuclei” conducted by RIKEN. SCRIT is an abbreviation of self-confining radioactive isotope ion target.

Find out more here.
MTC achieves wideband polarizer success JT-60SA
In collaboration with members of the QST Research and Development Organization, and Ibaraki University MTC has achieved success in improving the superconducting tokamak plasma nuclear fusion experiment device “JT-60SA”.

To find out more please click here.
MRO Americas
The sales team from MTC's Narita Plant was present at the MRO Americas Aviation week 2017. MTC's Narita Plant was certified as an FAA repair station in 2012, and an EASA Maintenance Organization in 2013. For repairs, MTC's Chiba plant has been approved by the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) since 2014.

MRO Americas
MTC Presents a special concert.Venue: Bosendorfer Tokyo Salon
MTC Presents a Special Concert which will be held on the 25th April 2017 at the Bosendorfer Tokyo Salon in Nakanosakaue. We look forward to seeing you all.

Click here for details.
MTC will exhibit at the ‘Next Generation Thermal Power Generation EXPO’
MTC will exhibit as a joint member of an exhibition booth alongside Shimoda Iron Works Co. at the "Next generation thermal power generation EXPO" to be held at the Tokyo Big Sight.

We will be present for the full three days from the 1st to 3rd March 2017. We will be presenting a new manufacturing technology developed between MTC and Shimoda Iron Works Co. We will exhibit valve bodies made using Near Net Shape technology (NNS), metal powder, and HIP processing. We are happy to present products of high quality and short delivery time.

Why not drop by and say hello, in English or Japanese! You can find us at booth number: W25-36

Next Generation Thermal Power Generation EXPO
The Singapore Air Show 2016 in Singapore
We are pleased to announce that Metal Technology Co. Ltd. will be exhibiting at the Singapore Airshow 2016, the largest aerospace and defense event in Asia, to be held in Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore from February 16th to 19th, 2016 in Tokyo Metropolitan Government Booth.

Booth Number : H91

Singapore Airshow 2016

Singapore Airshow 2016
Compact electron beam irradiation device

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