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About MTC


Industry-leading Advanced Technology

MTC provides "made-to-order" metal parts for aircraft, power generation turbines, and other applications that can withstand harsh environments.


Advanced quality control system

A series of systems that support reliable quality assurance activities are developed entirely in-house, including all software.


Acquired ISO 14001
for environmental management system

We are fully aware of the importance of environmental protection and do our utmost to ensure that environmental management is carried out in our daily manufacturing activities.

Do you have any of these concerns?

Metal Technology Co. Ltd. can help you find a solution!

  • Better cooling efficiency?
  • Free positioning of
    a heat exchanger?
  • Parts that are
    both large and light?.
Do you have any of these concerns?


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Pressure sintering of powders, densification of tentatively sintered materials, and removal of internal defects in castings and forgings. With more than 20 HIP units, including the world's largest, Giga-HIP, we are pursuing advanced technological innovations.

Heat Treatment

Vacuum heat treatment, atmospheric heat treatment, etc. We provide advanced heat treatment services for nuclear power, aerospace, and other industries requiring high quality.


Both large area and size parts through the Brazing of precision parts and Additive Manufactured structures are available. Various types of welding such as laser welding and TIG welding are also available."

Additive Manufacturing

Using electron beams and fiber lasers, enables difficult modeling of complex shapes and high-strength metals.


We can produce designs that freely combine curved surfaces by Super Plastic Forming (SPF), EL (oilless) processing, and total machining vacuum chamber production.


We are capable of integrated manufacturing from prototyping to actual production using a wide variety of inspection, and analysis equipment. We always provide the highest quality that can live up to your trust.

Case Study

Providing advanced metal processing technology in a variety of business fields from the LCD/semiconductor industry to aerospace with our integrated production.

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