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What is HIP?

Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) is the technology of simultaneously pressurizing and processing materials utilizing the synergy of argon gas under high pressure and at high temperatures.

Since installing its first HIP unit in 1984, Metal Technology Co. Ltd. has steadily increased the number of HIP units and now has more than 20 machines in Japan and overseas, including one of the world's largest HIP machines called Giga-HIP.

What is HIP?

How HIP is utilized?

Sintering Materials

01. Sintering Materials

  • Sintering metals that are difficult to cast.
  • Manufacturing of near net shaped parts with a high level of metal purity.
  • Manufacturing new materials, compounded materials and alloy materials.
  • Possible to manufacture with recycled powders.
  • Possible to manufacture large sized parts in one cycle and a reduction of welding or joining.
Densification of partially sintered parts / removal of internal defects

02. Densification of partially sintered parts / removal of internal defects

  • Densification and removal of internal defects. An Improvement of reliability by densification and better mechanical properties by removing internal defects for cast products.
  • Predictability, consistency of mechanical properties are improved through HIP.
  • Mechanical properties show an increased tensile strength, impact strength, and improved ductility.
Diffusion bonding of similar and dissimilar materials

03. Diffusion bonding of similar and dissimilar materials

  • For parts difficult to manufacture by brazing or welding.
  • For parts having complex three dimensional structures.
  • Bonding of dissimilar metals.
  • Bonding powders and metal blocks.
  • For bonding powdered materials to specific areas only.
  • For manufacturing composite materials.

Applicable industries・Applicable materials

Applicable industries Aerospace, semi conductor manufacturing equipment, electronic conductor materials, energy equipment, accelerator equipment, automobile related, medical devices, electronic devices, precision devices, chemical devices etc.
Applicable materials Electronic conductor materials, magnetic materials, high melting point materials, heat resistant materials, corrosion resistant materials, cemented carbide, stainless steel, titanium alloys, aluminium alloys, copper alloys, iron alloys, ceramics, amorphous materials, resins and so on. Also, depending on the lining with the base material the combination can vary widely.

Our HIP Technology

01. Wide range of equipment types

  • More than 20 HIP units of various sizes, both Japan and overseas, to meet the processing needs of small-lot, small-production products to large-lot, large-production products.
  • Processing size ranges from Dia.200mm x 300H up to Dia.2050 x 4200H.
  • Max. temperature - 2000 degree Celsius.
  • Max. pressure 196 MPa.

Dia.2,050mm X H4,200mm


Dia.1,100mm X H2,100mm

Tall HIP unit (Ibaraki factory)

Tall HIP unit (Ibaraki factory)
Dia. 800×H3,700 mm

02. Technical strength based on our experience

  • Capable of bonding similar materials as well as dissimilar materials
  • Accumulated a technical database over several years of experience.
  • Established manufacturing processes including before and after HIPing that support the process.
  • Experience to deal with high temperatures and high pressures

03. Quality control

  • Established quality assurance system for after HIPing

04. For parts requiring particular specifications

  • Suitable for specifications of parts such as aircraft or nuclear power related

05. Integrated manufacturing system

  • Integrated manufacturing including material procurement, capsule design and machining finishes.

HIPed samples

Casting product of heat resistance steel
Casting product of heat resistance steel
Aluminum alloy impeller
Aluminum alloy impeller
Diffusion bonding of Copper & Aluminum
Diffusion bonding of Copper & Aluminum
Diffusion bonding of stainless steel & Copper
Diffusion bonding of stainless steel & Copper
Diffusion bonding of stainless steel and titanium alloy, 
and aluminum alloy and titanium alloy
Diffusion bonding of stainless steel and titanium alloy, and aluminum alloy and titanium alloy
HOM damper
HOM damper

Additive Manufacturing from design to inspection at MTC.

Additive Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing
MTC has the ability to cover all stages of the additive manufacturing process: from design, build process, heat treatment, and machining, to the final quality assurance.
Compact electron beam irradiation device

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