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About MTC

Think beyond the Earth, think the universe through metal

Metal Technology Co. Ltd. is committed to infinite possibilities using metal; we will create a fulfilling future, environmentally friendly, with rich ideas and reliable technology. We provide Cutting edge metal processing technology from design to manufacturing of various structures in all fields.

Industry leading advanced technology

We offer reliable metal parts that can withstand harsh operating environments such as aircraft and power generation turbines. Every day we are working on creating new methods, mechanisms and materials. We are also focused on strong investment and expansion in to the latest machinery and modern facilities.

An integrated production system from “Monozukuri”
(Build-to-order manufacturing)

Based on "the Metal Solution", Metal Technology Co. Ltd. consistent production system comprehensively covers the upstream stage of the production process of searching for and handling the raw materials; to the downstream stage of processing the materials into a finished product. A production system that covers HIP treatment, heat treatment, bonding, additive manufacturing, machining, and analytical analysis consistently offering metal solutions along the way.

Meeting standards in a wide range of fields

In the fields of defense related equipment and aerospace related equipment, where high-precision processing technology is required, we quickly adopted the related specifications and responded to the customers’ needs and demands. Furthermore these specifications, once undertaken, are utilized in other products manufactured by the Company and as a result we have received high praise from all sides.

An advanced quality control system

Metal Technology Co. Ltd. develops its own software and management system regularly updating and improving the processes. Quality assurance processes such as document management, process management, and traceability management are the core of the quality assurance system and as such Metal Technology Co. Ltd. Strives to meet these high standards.

Environmental management system
Acquired ISO 14001 certification

MTC fully understands the importance of environmental protection and apply our utmost effort into meeting the certifications in order to implement effectively environmental management in our daily manufacturing activities. As a part of this desire we have obtained accreditation for ISO 14001 and promote activities that protect the environment.

The President’s Message

President Hideo Hatanaka

Hideo Hatanaka

Under the working principle “the metal solution”, we have grown by providing metalworking solutions that not only meet our customers' needs, but also overcome any potential challenges. To ensure our company continues to grow and achieve its full potential, we must have the inner strength and detailed functions to match our expansion. It is fundamentally important to establish a sustainable structure with solid foundations, thus ensuring that MTC will continue to thrive, prosper and contribute to society for many years to come. Therefore, we are determined to evolve, without hesitation, in response to the demands of the times and society as a whole. Our company motto, “respect harmony, protect harmony” which we have upheld since the beginning, runs alongside our management philosophy of “respecting the environment, respecting people”, and it is these values which guide us to achieving our goals.

Enthusiastic, respected and fully supported employees are essential for the sustained growth of an organization. It is necessary to foster a working culture in which professional dialogue and mutual understanding can take place on an open floor. It is equally important to create an environment in which employees have opportunities to contribute to society through utilization and integration of their individual strengths and potential.  The aims and objectives of the newly formed Strategy Management Division will be to meet the challenge of change in a fast-paced world. One of its goals is to foster and support employees to develop an inquisitive, forward thinking, and solution minded approach when supporting customers.

Environmental initiatives, such as reducing CO2 emissions and improving the working environment are essential elements for companies of today. We will continue on our path of reducing our environmental impact as much as possible and implement measures that contribute to society. Furthermore, even in a rapidly changing business world, we will provide continuous and stable services as a member of the supply chain while ensuring compliance.

We fully value our relationships with our customers. We believe that our employees, including the CEO, should be ready to listen directly to our customers and provide constructive, collaborative feedback. Over time, in responding to customers’ requests, our business has expanded to include heat treatment, HIP, machining, and design. We would like to continue to strengthen our relationships with our customers by helping them understand the significance of our contribution and our sustainability. At the same time, we will pass on our accumulated tangible and intangible assets to the next generation and continue to fulfil future demands and requirements.

We believe that we will only grow if we are close to all our customers and foster “the metal solution". We will continue to refine our technology and work tirelessly to become a company that is appreciated and trusted by society through our management principle of “caring about the environment and the people.”

Management policy

  • We value human rights and harmony with the environment and society, while also striving to be a sustainable company.
  • We develop and encourage a healthy company in which each and every employee is valued, can grow, and thrives for the benefit of the future.
  • We will strive to strengthen the current technological base by utilizing the many assets we have and by incorporating new technologies.
  • We will act in a timely manner to meet and support our customer’s values, as well as our responsibilities to the global supply chain.
  • All management complies with the law and conducts fair and transparent management.

MTC plants have the industry’s cutting-edge technology and equipment.

The MTC Network
The MTC Network
Find out more about Metal Technology Co. Ltd.’s facilities and equipment.

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