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Environmental Management

ISO 14001 standard

The ISO 14001 sets out the criteria for an environmental Management System (EMS). It maps out a framework that companies like Metal Technology Co. Ltd. can follow to ensure the environment is protected and cared for. Using ISO 14001 provides assurances to Metal Technology Co. Ltd. management and employees as well as external stakeholders that the environmental impact of our business is being monitored and improved. This system is of course based on the well-known Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle or PDCA.

  • Plan: establish objectives and processes required
  • Do: implement the processes
  • Check: measure and monitor the processes and report results
  • Act: take action to improve performance of EMS based on results
  • Continual Improvement Process (CI)

“Treasure the environment and value people”

Treasure the environment and value people

The majority of Metal Technology’s facilities*1 have implemented and are meeting the ISO 14001 standards reducing the environmental risks and fostering commitment to a better future. Metal Technology’s plants each form a basic principle in conjunction to the particular environment surrounding the plant. Metal Technology’s plants handle limited resources in production activities spanning energy, industrial equipment, aviation, medical, etc. based on our management philosophy of "treasure the environment and value people" We ensure that we maintain an awareness that although we are running a business, that we will continue to work on reducing the environmental burden on the global environment and working environment.

Each plant constructs several basic policies taking in to consideration, factors like the environmental impact of our production activities, how to strive for energy savings and resource savings; promoting waste reduction, recycling, and control of emissions. We up hold and promote the need to protect natural ecosystems, and striving to prevent pollution. Metal Technology complies with applicable environmental laws and regulations related to the environmental aspects.

*1 Plants that are certified: Shiga plant, Himeji plant, Gunma plant, Ibaraki plant, Kanagawa plant.

Certified factory

Gunma Plant


Plant BSKE0036 Certification number 2023/9/25
Validity Production (Heat Treatment, Brazing, Welding, Hot Isostatic Pressing and Machining) of Aerospace and Commercial Parts.
Industry 17 Basic metals and fabricated metal products
21 Aerospace

* Plants that are certified

Ibaraki Plant


Plant BSKE0037 Certification number 2023/9/25
Validity Production of Aircraft, Aerospace and other commercial parts [Heat treatment, Brazing, HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing), Machining, Welding, Non-Destructive Evaluation and Thermal spraying.]
Industry 17 Basic metals and fabricated metal products
21 Aerospace

Kanagawa Plant


Plant BSKE0038 Certification number 2023/9/25
Validity Production (Heat Treatment, Brazing, Welding, Diffusion Bonding,Hot Isostatic Pressing, Machining and Metal Additive Manufacturing) of Aerospace, Medical devices and other Commercial Parts
Industry 17 Basic metals and fabricated metal products
19 Electrical and optical equipment
21 Aerospace

Shiga Plant


Plant BSKE0030 Certification number 2023/2/28
Validity Manufacture (Heat Treatment, Brazing, Hot Isostatic Pressing, Machining, Welding, Hot Forming and CO2 Laser processing) of Aircraft, Aerospace and Other Commercial Parts.
Industry 17 Basic metals and fabricated metal products
21 Aerospace

Himeji Plant


Plant BSKE0035 Certification number 2023/9/15
Validity Parts production (Heat Treatment, Brazing, Bonding, Welding, Sintering, Hot Isostatic pressing and Machining) for Aircraft, Space and Industries.
Industry 17 Basic metals and fabricated metal products
21 Aerospace

Ensuring a quality service through strict management systems

Quality Management System
Quality Management System
We are constantly striving to improve our quality control system.
Compact electron beam irradiation device

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