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Electron Beam Irradiation System

Metal Technology Co. Ltd. (MTC) has developed a compact electron accelerator that can be applied to a variety of applications such as surface modification and electron beam sterilization.

MTC has worked in collaboration with venture companies to develop a small electron accelerator system by utilizing our technological understanding, experience and knowledge alongside strong collaboration with research institutions and universities.

Our accelerator system can be utilized in the sterilization of medical devices, as well as the modification of materials like modification of polymer materials.

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The Advantages of our Electron Accelerator

The Advantages of our Electron Accelerator

Compact and easy to install in limited space

The equipment overall size at W 200mm × L 250mm × H 220mm ensures an easy installation into small workshops, laboratories, etc.
* Generally speaking for an electrostatic accelerator of the 1 MeV class space of a few square meters and a height of 2 to 3 meters is required.

Safe design

Compared to gamma ray sterilization, electron beam sterilization has a high processing capability. The beam can be easily stopped by turning off the power supply which adds to the safety features of this generation of electron beams. No post treatment is required and moreover, no radioactive materials are used.

Tailor-made design based on customer’s requirements.

MTC can design and produce the optimum system based on the individual customer needs. The test machine can also be applied to test irradiation as it can irradiate controlling the quantity of dose. The test machine has a scan horn which can widen the area of irradiation and a simplified conveyer system which enables a irradiation sample to transport with a stable and fixed speed.


Items Specification

Equipment MIC1
Energy 950keV
Beam current(Peak value) 300mA
Operating frequency 2856MHz
Beam pulse width 1.5µs
Repetition frequency 1,000pps
Equipment size 200mm × 250mm × H220mm
Compact electron beam irradiation device

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