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Injection-molding cylinder for Precision machine

Customer’s problem

  • Injection molding uses plastic material that is being fed into a cylinder and heated until it melts and is then injected into the mold. This iron-based cylinder has to be exchanged frequently because more and more glass-fiber-reinforced plastics are used in injection molding and the glass-fibers lead to abrasion (galling) of the cylinder. Attempts have been made to coat the cylinder with thermal spray, but although the spray can be easily applied to the outer side of the cylinder, coating it inside is difficult.

Our proposal

  • We used a cobalt-chromium alloy powder with high abrasion resistance to coat the inner side of the cylinder. This could be accomplished with HIP technology that allows us to sinter the powder and bond it to the cylinder at the same time.
Injection-molding cylinder


By implementing the proposed changes, lining the inner side with cobalt-chromium alloy powder abrasion could be reduced significantly and the cylinders life span increased to ten times longer than previous methods.

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