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Notice of Acquisition of a Major Nordic Engineering Manufacturer Subsidiary

March 19, 2020
Metal Technology Company Co. Ltd.

Notice of Acquisition of a Major Nordic Engineering Manufacturer Subsidiary

On March 3, 2020, we signed a share transfer agreement to acquire all the shares of Sandvik Powder Solutions AB (SPS), a subsidiary of Sandvik Group, a leading Swedish engineering company, in order to further expand our overseas business and improve our Near-Net-Shape technologies. The acquisition is scheduled to be completed by the end of April


1. About SPS

SPS is a powdered metallurgy solutions company that designs, manufactures, and sells Near-Net-Shape products mainly used in the oil and gas industries. SPS has a strong customer base worldwide, including in the U.S. and Europe, as well as a high level of technological capabilities that extend from design to the completion of products.

Company Name Sandvik Powder Solutions AB
Location Box 54, SE-735 21 Surahammar, Sweden
Capital 720,000 Swedish krona
Business Manufacture and sale of powdered metallurgy products
Sales 78.5M Swedish krona (FY12/18)
Number of employees 32

2. Purpose of acquisition

We provide integrated metal processing services centered on metallurgy technologies, primarily in heat treatment and HIP treatment. In 2010, we established a subsidiary in China to build business relationships with customers in Asia. By acquiring SPS, we aim to expand business opportunities in Europe, Japan, and China, and to enter the Oil & Gas industry, where we excel.

3. Inquiries

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Telephone Number: +81-3-5365-3035
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