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News Release June 15, 2020

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Metal Technology Co. Ltd. donates face shields to Kanagawa prefectural government

On May 29, Metal Technology Co. Ltd. (MTC) donated one hundred face shields, which can be utilized to prevent coronavirus infection, to the Kanagawa prefectural government. MTC’s Kanagawa plant and technical center staff have been responsible for the production of the face shields. Based on data published by the Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine Next Generation Endoscopic Therapeutic Joint Research Course MTC added a design change to enable those users who wear spectacles to also benefit from the shields.

In addition the manufacturing of the shields supported the growth and understanding of our engineers using the equipment in a real and unique situation. MTC hopes that the product could be utilized in more medical situations and public institutions that are fighting on the front lines of this current difficult situation. MTC as a company always strives to maintain a high-quality manufacturing system acquiring ISO13485, a QMS for medical devices. MTC desires to play a part in contributing to bettering society and as such is always looking to improve our technological capabilities and the knowledge of our employees.



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