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Additive Manufactruring

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What is the largest size you can manufacture?

MTC can manufacture within the approximate range of Dia200 mm × H300 mm.

What is the roughness of the parts?

The surface roughness is about Ra25 with electron beam and about Ra11 for laser.

Is it possible to integrate more than one alloy?

Hybrid modeling is possible depending on the combination of materials. However, it is not possible to manufacture a part by combining two types of powder into the AM unit. Here at MTC we do offer an alternative process, hot isostatic pressing or HIP for short, which supports the Joining of two dissimilar materials.

How do you evaluate the degree of mixing of recycled powder?

Since it is difficult to evaluate the degree of mixing, the emphasis is on powder management after mixing. We evaluate whether the chemical composition after mixing meets the specifications and whether there are any abnormalities in the characteristics of the powder.

How accurate is Additive Manufacturing?

Although it depends on the shape, it is about ± 0.2 mm when the melting distance is 100 mm.

What is the yield?

The yield is about 80-90%, depending on the customer's request and shape.

What kind of powder management do you perform?

Powder management and the material control are controlled in accordance with internal control regulations.

What are the appropriate modeling conditions?

Conditions are being set based on existing knowledge.

Does the crystal structure of the modeled object have anisotropy?

The crystalline structure of a structure has anisotropy. MTC allows homogenization of tissue by thermal Treatment or HIP Treatment.


How much does it cost to make an AM part?

The cost is varies and can depend on both shape and size. A part the size of a clenched fist could cost about 200,000 to 300,000 Yen per charge. The cost would also vary depending on any additional processes needed, such as Heat Treatment or Machining.


What other support do you offer with regards to design, heat treatment, or testing?

MTC offers design support in which we can propose design change improvements and topology optimization. MTC also offers vacuum heat treatment at our facilities.

What quality control system do you have?

Quality control of aerospace parts is based on JIS Q 9100. We have almost the same process control for consumer products. As for the work procedure, we create a work procedure manual for each product and work based on this.

How do you perform the inspection?

MTC can perform non-contact laser dimensional measurement, contact-type 3D measurement, He leak inspection, water pressure resistance inspection, X-ray CT, and other inspections.

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