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Super KEKB用衝突点ビームパイプ / Collision point beam pipe for SuperKEKB

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Product details

The beam pipe is a vacuum chamber with a complicated structure that is used as part of the SuperKEKB, a gigantic accelerator leading the physics experiments in elementary particles in Japan.


The SuperKEKB is a colliding-beam accelerator and the beam pipe manufactured by MTC is installed at the most important part of it, (add: the interaction region (IR)) where electrons and positrons collide frontally.


The center of the beam pipe is made of thin-walled beryllium, allowing the new particles to permeate unobstructed, because of its low atomic number. It has a double structure for cooling, with the cooling medium flowing between the walls.


On both sides of the pipe, Tantalum that has a high atomic number is used to shield against particles (noise) incoming from other parts of the SuperKEKB to prevent them from entering the detector.


Electrons and positrons intersect at a low angle and to allow them to cross the interaction region at that vector, the pipe splits in two on both ends.



Product technology

The product has a total length of 1000 mm with the collision point being 200 mm long with a diameter of 20mm. It is made of a double-layered beryllium pipe of less than 1 mm thickness. For the production of the pipe we combined various techniques and materials, e.g. the brazing of ultra-thin beryllium and titan, the processing of tantalum, the HIP bonding of titan and tantalum, EBW.





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