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T0 Chopper

T0 Chopper

Product details

A light scattering device constructed to reduce the background noise through high speed neutrons on the measuring instruments. MTC has supplied 4 T0 Choppers to J-PARC’s (Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex) MLF (Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility).

Rotation speed:100Hz/ 50Hz/ 25Hz

Synchronization accuracy:below±5μs / below±10μs/ below ±20μs

Production details

The spinning rotor (total weight over 100 kg) has been built by HIP bonding Inconel X750, that shields off unnecessary neutrons and SUS630. Compared to a rotor built entirely of Inconel costs could be reduced significantly. Through high precision machining MTC was able to meet the balance quality requirements of rigid rotors JIS B 0905G1, while reaching a coaxiality of 0.01 mm and the capacity to work at a rotation speed of 100Hz. As the T0 chopper is used in a radioactive environment, it has a mechanism that allows automatic connection to and disconnection from vacuum, electricity and cooling to enable remotely controlled moving of the device.

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