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Completely non-magnetic ceramic vacuum chamber for accelerator

Completely non-magnetic ceramic vacuum chamber for accelerator

Product details

A ceramic vacuum chamber to be used as part of the X-ray Free Electron Laser facility SACLA. The inside of the vacuum chamber is the orbit for the electron beam. The product is completely non-magnetic.

Production details

Product dimensions: total length 830mm, outer dimensions of ceramic part 18mm×80mm×718mm. The racetrack geometrical cross-section of the ceramic part which the beam passes is 10mm×33mm. Alumina of high purity has been used as ceramic. Until now ceramic vacuum chambers were not completely non-magnetic as the chambers were formed through brazing on kovar and other metals using the Mo-Mn process. Apart from the ICF flanges at both ends, no magnetic metals, brazing or coating material have been used on assembling this product.

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