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MTC supporting the world’s advanced technology.

Metal Technology Co. Ltd. supporting the world’s advanced technology for powder simulation.

                *Photo: The Twin Screw Kneader

 Dr. Sakai, an Associate Professor, and his laboratory team at the Resilience Engineering Research Center, University of Tokyo is conducting advanced multi physics simulation technology into atomic/resilience engineering, as well as food and pharmaceutical engineering areas.
 Due to the extremely high level of powder simulation, the focus has been on its consistency to actual phenomenon. For his research to gain global recognition not only does the numerical simulation need to be highly technical but it also requires highly technical laboratory equipment to support the comparison of actual phenomenon under fair conditions.
 In order to support Dr. Sakai’s research activity, Metal Technology Co. Ltd.’s (MTC) Engineering Division has designed and produced research equipment. So far MTC has already delivered ten specialized and tailor made units to support Dr. Sakai’s research. Various video simulations are displayed on Dr. Sakai’s website, One example of this kind of product and design for the laboratory from MTC is the ‘Twin Screw Kneader’.

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