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Horizontal collimator (movable mask)

Horizontal collimator (movable mask)

Product details

The collimator (movable mask) is part of the SuperKEKB, a large scale accelerator of the electron-positron collider-type (large scale electron-positron collider-accelerator). The collimator is a device to narrow the halo close to the beam trajectory and to suppress backgrounds in the particle detector (Belle-II). It also has the purpose to protect the various accelerator components from the orbiting beam. The left-right matched mask head built in this product moves with high precision horizontally in an area of 5~25mm from the shaft axis and allows to collimate the beam.

Production details

The body of the collimator is made of oxygen-free copper and the inner diameter of the part the beam passes narrows fromΦ90mm→Φ27mm(center)and widens again to→Φ90mm. It has been mainly built by vacuum brazing, bonding various parts in a complicated arrangement that allows to keep the internal ultrahigh vacuum. The mask head in the center of the collimator has been built using MTC’s core technology, HIP bonding, as a single structure, combining tungsten and a part made of oxygen-free copper that serves as a cooling mechanism to allow intelligent cooling of the mask head with high thermal load.

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Horizontal collimator (movable mask)

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