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SCRIT electrodes

SCRIT electrodes

Product information

Metal Technology Company designed and manufactured the latest version of the SCRIT electrodes, which form the core part of the “study of the internal structure of short-lived unstable (radioactive) nuclei” conducted by RIKEN. SCRIT is an abbreviation of self-confining radioactive isotope ion target.

Using ultra-thin metal wires, we created a double-cylindrical structure consisting of the inner cylinder that looks like a complicated bird-cage and the outer cylinder that is made up of metal wires aligned parallel to the electron beam. Both cylinders get electrically insulated and thus it is possible to apply different electrical potentials.

Product technology

This product has been built by using thin metal wires (stainless steel with φ0.2) with a total length of 830 mm that have been assembled utilizing resistance welding and other methods.

In order to determine the final structure, we utilized FEM analysis to check natural vibration frequency and deformations caused by the weight when it has reached its’ final dimensions.
We also used partial models to simulate buildability. To reduce deformation caused by its’ own weight to a minimum, we had to take into account severe dimensional constraints. Under these severe conditions we attached a mechanism on both sides that pulls the metal wires of the outer cylinder one by one using springs. The design, construction and heat treatment of these springs was also conducted by Metal Technology Company.
As this product will be installed in an electron accelerator we paid careful attention to manufacturing it under ultraclean conditions to prevent any disturbance to the vacuum.

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